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FAQ for Mobile Bathroom Hire

Q: How much notice you need before we are able to secure a bathroom from you?
A: Our bathrooms are very popular and because we have limited units we recommend you contact us as early as possible.  A small deposit will secure your booking up to 24 months in advance.

Q:  I have been in portaloos before  which had an unpleasant odour,  does this affect your bathrooms too?
A: Our bathrooms are of a fresh flushing type which uses freshwater for each flush and they are plumbed into your sewerage so no waste is held in the unit. Chemical-based toilets can have a stronger smell due to the combination of the chemicals which are used and the fact that there is a holding tank for the waste directly beneath the flap on the toilet.

Q:  I would like more than one toilet for a special event that I am holding, can you help?
A:  Yes! In addition to having many  portable bathroom units  available for you to hire, we are part of a collaborative group and can source additional units if our own supply is exhausted. We will coordinate these additional units for you seamlessly and invisibly and provide you with just one invoice so you can focus on running a successful event!

Q:  I have a very limited space at my home in the garage,  are you able to supply a small unit which will fit here?
A:  the footprint on all of our portable bathrooms and mobile toilets is quite small.  take a look at the configurations for both our  prestige options and also our budget options  as we are confident you will find an option that will fit in the space you have available.

View available configurations for prestige options
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Or contact us now to discuss your requirements for free advice and an obligation free price!

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