Ensuites On Site

Portable Bathroom Hire for Extra Guests

If you are having extra guests come and stay at your home and you only have a single bathroom or your bathroom is not conveniently located to your guest accommodation, you can hire a temporary toilet or portable bathroom from us and  reduce the load on your home and the ques from your bathroom.

Our luxury ensuite configuration will please even the most fastidious person and of course in addition to being fitted out with a quality build congruent to a modern home, they are kept meticulously clean.

If you are holding an event such as a birthday party or a large gathering at your home, Ensuites on Site's his and hers relocatable prestige toilet is a popular choice.  Plumbed directly into your sewage so there is no holding of waste ( and no unpleasant odours),  this double sided toilet has a small footprint and a luxurious fit out that has proven very popular for both back yard BBQ's and some of Sydney's most exclusive events.